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We've made moving WOW! the easiest part AND we have a special
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How do I transfer my WOW! service?


Call us at 877-MOVE-WOW.


Pack up your WOW! equipment.


You'll be streaming while you're unpacking!

Where can I get WOW! service?

Our search tool means you're just a click away from finding out if WOW! is available as your local Internet provider. If WOW! is available, you can sign up for new services or keep the same great services you know and love. Check one thing off your list and take your WOW! service when you move.

WOW! is expanding across the country, but we aren't everywhere yet. If WOW! service is unavailable at your new address, please call 877-MOVE-WOW to explore your options.

Need to return WOW! equipment?

If WOW! isn't available at your new address, please call us at 877-MOVE-WOW so we can discuss your final bill, equipment return, and last date of service. Once you've talked to a WOW! representative, you can visit one of our locations and use an equipment drop box to return your WOW! equipment.

Upgrade Your WOW! Service

Does an upgraded address have you thinking about a service upgrade too? It’s the perfect time to consider upgrading your services to better meet your needs. If you're moving into a larger space, Whole-Home WiFi is a fantastic addition to ensure you can stream, work, browse, and play from every corner of your new home. That means high-speed Internet for more devices at the same time!

Ready to learn more about your options?

Setting Up WiFi in Your New Home

We know that getting your Internet up and running in your new home is essential for working, learning, streaming, gaming, and more! That’s why we have options for setting up your WiFi when you transfer Internet service.

Professional Installation

A WOW! technician can help you get WiFi at home so your new house is ready for the Internet, TV, and phone services that keep you connected to your world.

Self Installation

We also have simple self-installation guides that allow you to transfer Internet from one house to another and set it up in just a few steps.

For more information about self-installation, please take a look at the appropriate self-installation guide below based on the model of your Internet modem:

Moving Checklist Timeline


  • Measure any large furniture to make sure that everything will fit in your new place!
  • Go through your kitchen and toss out expired items hiding in your pantry – start fresh at your new home.
  • Clean out furniture, clothing, and other household items and donate what you no longer use or need.



  • Call WOW! at 877-MOVE-WOW to let us know that your move is coming up.
  • Forward your mail during your move and update your address with the postal service.
  • Transfer or cancel your energy service and schedule a start date at your new home.
  • Arrange for a final water meter reading/billing at your old residence.



  • Set aside a designated box for all of your Internet, TV, and phone equipment.
  • Label cords for your modem, cable box, and other electronics so it’s easy to plug everything back in and get started at your new home.
  • If you need to return any WOW! equipment, start packing it up and find your closest WOW! location so you can use an equipment drop box.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I transfer service to a new house?
Start the process by calling us at 877-MOVE-WOW at least 14 days before your move. This ensures that we will have enough time to disconnect service from your current address and transfer WOW! service to your new home. If you are changing your WOW! services when you move, we can also make sure you have the equipment you need to get started in your new home. A WOW! technician will come to your new home to assist you with the installation process.


Can I transfer my existing service to a new home?
Yes you can! As long as WOW! provides service in your new location, you can keep your existing services. In most cases, customers with Home Phone services can also keep their phone number too. We’re happy to discuss a full range of WOW! service options with you when you move, but you’re welcome to maintain your current plan. If a new home means new needs, we can also talk about upgrading your services.


How long does it take to transfer service to a new house?
The time it takes to transfer WOW! service to a new house depends on your situation and where you’re moving, but generally it takes about four days. A WOW! representative can share a more detailed timeline with you when you discuss your upcoming move.


When should you set up Internet when moving?
Call WOW! at 877-MOVE-WOW at least 14 days before your move so we can get the process started. We can work with you to coordinate your disconnect date on at your current address, any equipment changes, and a set up date for your new home.


How will the move affect my service or billing?
If you decide to keep the same services, there won’t be an impact to your services or bill when you move within a WOW! service area. Just call us at 877-MOVE-WOW so we can work with you to coordinate disconnect and new service dates. You will be billed for services up to the disconnect date at your old address and billing will start as of the connect date at your new address. If you are under contract and decide not to take your services when you move to a WOW!-serviceable area, you may be subject to an early termination fee.

Ready to get started? Call to schedule your WOW! service transfer.

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