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WOW! Whole-Home WiFi

Unleash your WOW! Internet

With WOW! Whole-Home WiFi, you can enjoy lightning-fast Internet in every room. This mesh system of eero connected devices creates a WiFi network that works in your whole home.

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Whole-Home WiFi Features

Entire home
WiFi reach.

WOW! Whole-Home WiFi, powered by eero, allows you to stream, work, browse and play from every corner of your home.


eero automatically protects and secures the traffic flowing over your network through advanced security protocols.


eero TrueMesh optimizes to your home, immediately learning your space, devices and network usage.

Control when
you need it.

View your network speed, see which devices are connected and manage your WiFi network all from an easy-to-use app.


Control the mesh WiFi network in the palm of your hand.

WOW! Smart Whole-Home WiFi makes managing your network easy. Download the eero app and see what’s happening on your network within minutes. Create a separate network for guests, pause access at any time (it’s bedtime, kids!), and more. All from your phone.

The eero app and devices work together to cover your home with WiFi and secure the traffic flowing over your network. So your WiFi is protected and optimized for your space, devices, and usage.


Experience safety and security for the connected home.

Whole-Home WiFi is more than an amazing mesh WiFi system. It's the tool that helps you manage your connected experience, control what content your family can access, keep your devices protected against cyber threats, and speed up the Internet by limiting ads. Whether you're working, learning, or playing at home, Whole-Home WiFi helps keep your family safe and secure inside and outside of your home.

eero Secure and Secure+ are add-on services that can provide added protection to your existing Whole-Home WiFi system from WOW!. With eero Secure and Secure+, you get all the tools you need to manage your WiFi, bundled in a simple subscription.

eero Secure


What's included with eero Secure?

  • Security – Protect the devices on your network from online threats
  • Safety – Keep your family safe with parental controls.
  • Insights – See how your devices use your network.
  • Experience - Ad blocking for better browsing and streaming.
eero Secure+


What's included in eero Secure+?

  • Everything included in eero Secure, plus access to these premium apps...
  • 1Password – Password management made easy for your whole family.
  • Encrypt.me – Easily connect to VPN for when you’re home and away.
  • Malwarebytes – Protect your devices from viruses.

Want to get started? Login to your eero account to upgrade your Whole-Home WiFi services.

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WOW! Whole-Home Wifi

Good news! You can add a home wireless mesh network to any WOW! Internet package.

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